Uriclense Effervescent Tablets 20 Cranberry - Relieve Burning Bladder

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Relieve the burning symptoms associated with cystitis.
Helps to reduce the frequency and recurrence of cystitis.

Cystitis occurs when the bladder becomes inflamed. Cystitis usually occurs as a result of a common form of infection. Certain bacteria naturally live in the large intestine including a bacterium called E.coli (Escherichia coli). Most of the time, our body keeps E.coli in check and it is not a problem. However, sometimes, E.coli may cause infections by attaching to the cells of the bladder, resulting in a bladder infection and inflammation.

Cystitis makes passing urine very painful. Urination is usually more frequent with a feeling of greater urgency. Sleep may also be disturbed due to the pain and discomfort, and working life may be disrupted.

Cystitis generally most commonly affects women, but may affect all age groups from either sex.

URICLENSE effervescent tablets can also assist people who suffer from incontinence by deodorising the urine and making it smell more pleasant.


Each URICLENSE effervescent tablet contains:

Herbal extract equivalent to 10 grams of cranberry (vaccinium macrocarpon) fresh fruit. Other ingredients: sodium bicarbonate 1.5 g, citric acid anhydrous 750 mg and tartaric acid 800 mg. These are alkalising ingredients which raise the pH (or reduce the acidity) of urine.


Take one URICLENSE effervescent tablet dissolved in a glass of cool water to help prevent cystitis.

URICLENSE may be taken up to four times daily if necessary to relieve the symptoms of cystitis.