Vaccination Services

Scown's Pharmacy is a true Vaccination Destination with our highly trained Pharmacists and a private comfortable consultation room.

You’d be surprised what vaccines you can get at our local Amcal Scown's Pharmacy.

Vaccinations are an important part of healthcare to help protect against diseases and nasty bugs, and to keep each other safe and healthy.

Scown's Pharmacy Amcal+ is proud to play a crucial role in vaccinating Aussie families – whether it’s helping grandparents to get vaccinated prior to meeting little ones, supporting our communities throughout the pandemic by administering COVID-19 vaccinations, or being there for your yearly flu shot.

Comprehensive Vaccination Services

  • Family Vaccination: Scown's Pharmacy is equipped to provide vaccinations for the entire family, from infants to the elderly, ensuring comprehensive care for your loved ones.
  • Expert Care and Advice: Our expertly trained pharmacists are on hand to administer vaccines and offer professional advice, ensuring your family’s vaccination needs are met with the utmost care.
  • Convenient and Trustworthy Vaccination Services

Offering A Wide Range Of Vaccinations

Scown's Pharmacy is dedicated to providing comprehensive vaccination services to meet the diverse needs of our local community. We are equipped to offer a wide array of immunisations, ensuring you and your loved ones stay protected against various health risks.

Vaccinations Tailored to Your Needs

  • Travel Vaccination: Planning a trip abroad? Visit Scown's Pharmacy for essential travel vaccinations. We offer advice and immunistions specific to your travel destination, ensuring you’re safeguarded on your journeys.
  • Flu Vaccination: An annual flu vaccination is crucial in protecting against seasonal influenza. Scown's Pharmacy provides flu shots for the whole family, helping you stay healthy throughout the flu season.
  • COVID Vaccination: Stay up to date with your COVID vaccinations at Scown's Pharmacy. Our vaccination services include COVID-19 vaccines, administered by our trained Pharmacists, playing a vital role in the continued fight against the pandemic.