Home Medicine Review

A Home Medicines Review (HMR) is a way for the Scown’s Pharmacy and the GP to help you manage your medicines at home.

In particular, anyone taking a number of medications or with several health conditions should discuss a Home Medicines Review with your GP.

Your GP gives you a referral to the Scown’s Pharmacy. Our pharmacists have specialist training to conduct HMRs. Our specialist HMR Pharmacist then talks with you in your
home and provides a HMR Report back to the GP.

You and your GP discuss the report and develop a medication management plan.

Is there a cost for a home medicine review?

Good news, The pharmacist’s visit to your home and the report is paid for by the Australian Government so it will not cost you anything.

GPs and Patients can contact us for more information.

(03) 9391 3954

If a Home Medicines Review is not suitable for you, other Scown’s Pharmacy services are available that may help you manage your medicines.

Ask one of our friendly pharmacists.