Thermoskin Back Strap Lumbar Support Adjustable Extra Large

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Provides pain relief and compression for muscle injuries and general lower back dysfunctions; injuries to the lumbar discs and the sacro-illiac joint. This product has two flexible internal stays for additional support and adjustable elastic side straps for extra compression.

Size Extra Large - Measure around middle of waist - 101-112cm


Position the lower part of the back piece right on the coccyx bone and then wrap the piece and secure with the Velcro straps. Secure the elastic side straps for extra compression.


Outer lining: Nylon; Mid layer: Rubber foam; Inner lining: Polyester (Does not contain latex). Thermoskin is comprised of: 56.93% Neoprene; 9.07% Nylon; 34% Polyester


Always read the label. Follow the directions for use. Do not wear within the first 72 hours following an acute injury. This product contains a synthetic fibre, which may cause allergic reactions. Should an irritation or rash develop, discontinue use and seek medical advice. If pain persists, discontinue use and consult your medical professional.

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