Surgipack 6480 Safe-T-Dose Oral Medicinal Syringe Medium

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Surgipack 6480 Safe-T-Dose Syringe Medium is ideal for infants and accurately measures up to 10ml. Dispenser with marked graduations for accurate dispensing/dosing of oral liquids.


  • Ideal for infants and toddlers
  • Bottle filling tube included
  • Measures up to 10mL or 2 tsp


1. Attach enclosed filler tube to the tip of the syringe

2. Carefully pull back the plunger to draw the prescribed measure of medicine directly from the bottle

3. Carefully remove filler tube from syringe and slowly release the medication into the child’s mouth

Washing Instructions

Rinse both Syringe and Filling Tube with warm water and detergent. Do not place in dishwasher.

Storage Instructions

Store both the Syringe and Filling Tube in a clean dry place such as a sealed container. 


  • Person: Adult
  • Product Type: Medical Equipment
  • Dimension: H180mm x W70mm x D20mm
  • Weight: 70g


  • Please read instructions carefully before use.
  • The separate Filler Tube is only intended to facilitate the drawing in of a liquid into the Syringe.
  • The Filler Tube is not intended for the dispensation of any medicine and should be removed before releasing the medication into a patient’s mouth.
  • Do not return any unused medication remaining in the syringe back to the medicine bottle.
  • Please dispose of this and then wash the device as per the Washing Instructions.