Pharmacy Care Nicotine 4 mg 72 Lozenges Amcal Peppermint Stop Smoking Aid

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Pharmacy Care Nicotine 4mg Lozenges is for smokers who smoke their first cigarette within 30 minutes of waking. The lozenges are part of a program designed to support your wish to stop smoking.

The program contains 3 steps, which you will need to follow, starting with step 1, then step 2, then step 3. Using the lozenges at regular intervals gives your body the nicotine you need to help you stop smoking

Before Use: 

For full directions, please read the enclosed instructions leaflet carefully or consult your healthcare professional. 

Do not use if:

you are under 12 years of age
you are a non-smoker
the fold seal is broken

Contact your before use if you:

Are pregnant or breast feeding
Have high blood pressure that is not controlled
Have a stomach ulcer
Have kidney or liver disease
Have an overactive thyroid or adrenal glance cancer
Use insulin for diabetes

Phenylketonurics - contains phenylalanine

Contains 1.015 g of mannitol per lozenge which may have a laxative effect.