Seremind Lavender Oil 80mg 56 Capsules

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Seremind Lavender Oil relieves symptoms of mild anxiety, nervous tension and improves sleep quality. Seremind is a product that can help manage restlessness and reoccurring thoughts accompanying anxious moods.

Seremind contains Silexan, a specially prepared and patented lavender oil that has been shown to help relieve symptoms such as feeling irritable, finding it hard to stop worrying, feeling tired easily and disturbed sleep. Seremind helps to calm your nerves, providing relief to your symptoms of mild anxiety.

You should start to see relief of these symptoms within 2 weeks of daily use.  Seremind is a once daily formulation, available as a soft capsule in packs of 28 and 56 available online or in pharmacy without prescription.


  • Relieves symptoms of mild anxiety and nervous tension
  • Improves sleep quality

  • What is mild anxiety?

    Anxiety is very common in Australia. On average one in four people (one in three women and one in five men) will experience anxiety at some stage in their life.

    Symptoms of anxiety include the following. You may have mild anxiety if you have up to 2 of these symptoms:

    • Feeling restless
    • Feeling tired easily
    • Finding it hard to stop worrying
    • Difficulty concentrating
    • Feeling irritable
    • Muscle pain
    • Disturbed sleep

    If you experience 3 or more of these symptoms or if symptoms persist, please consult your healthcare professional.


    For Adults 18+: Take 1 capsule daily swallowed whole with water. Do not chew. Not to be used in children. 

    ARTG: AUST L 259012


      The active ingredient is lavender oil 80mg.

      Seremind does not contain eggs, peanuts, soy beans, tree nut products, yeast, gluten, artificial colours, flavourings and preservatives.


      • Do not take Seremind if you are allergic to lavender oil or any of the other ingredients in this medicine.
      • Do not take Seremind if you have impairment of hepatic (liver) function.
      • Do not take the capsules if the blister seal is broken.
      • Pregnancy and Breastfeeding: It is not recommended to use Seremind whilst pregnant or breastfeeding, as there is no clinical data available on its use during pregnancy or breastfeeding.
      • Always read the label. Use only as directed. If symptoms persist consult your healthcare professional.