Regaine Men’s Hair Extra Strength Regrowth Treatment Foam For 4 Month 60g

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Regaine Men’s Hair Extra Strength Regrowth Treatment Foam is clinically proven to regrow hair in men with hereditary hair loss and help reverse its progression.


  • Easy to use as part of your daily routine
  • The Number 1 pharmacy brand for treatment of hereditary hair loss in Australia
  • Used to regrow hair on the top of the scalp

How does Regaine Extra Strength Topical Solution work?

  • Contains minoxidil which is clinically proven to treat hereditary hair loss
  • Increases the size of shrunken hair follicles
  • Allows for normal, healthy hair to develop over time


      After each use close the container by snapping the cap back on the can, to make the cap child resistant.

      1. Open container.
      2. Part the hair.
      3. Hold can straight upside down.
      4. Don't hold can on an angle.
      5. Massage foam into scalp.
      6. Quick application.
      7. 2 times a day. that’s it.

      Adults 18-65 years of age. For best results, use twice daily.

      Massage sparingly onto the affected area of dry scalp, twice a day. Up to half a capful may be used. Men with a small area of hair loss may use less. Do not use on other parts of the body.

      Using more than half a capful of foam or more often than twice a day will not improve results. Read the detailed directions for use on the side of this carton. Talk to your pharmacist to find out more.

      Regaine Foam goes on easy, dries quickly, and won't interfere with your current hairstyling products.

      Practice makes perfect, and the same is true when using Regaine products. Applying Men's Regaine Foam Every Day is the key to getting results and regrowing hair. Make it a seamless part of your routine by applying it once in the morning and once at night. In a study, 9 out of 10 guys who applied Men's Regaine Foam correctly regrew hair after 16 weeks of use.

      Using more, or more often, will not improve results, however continued use is necessary to improve and maintain your hair regrowth, and minimize additional hair loss.

      Men’s Regaine Foam is for men who have a general thinning of hair on the top of the scalp (vertex only). Not intended for frontal baldness or a receding hairline.


      Active ingredient: Minoxidil 5% w/w.

      Other ingredients: Alcohol, water, glycerol, cetyl alcohol, citric acid, lactic acid, stearyl alcohol, polysorbate 60, butyl hydroxytoluene and propellant.


        • For external use only
        • If swallowed, get medical help or contact a Poison Control Centre right away
        • Keep out of reach of children
        • Extremely Flammable: Avoid fire, flame, or smoking during and immediately following application

        Do not use if you:

        • Do not have a family history of hair loss
        • Have patchy, sudden and /or unexplained hair loss
        • Have a red, inflamed, irritated, infected or painful scalp
        • Use other medicines on the scalp
        • Have an allergic reaction to Regain or any of its ingredients
        • Are under 18 or over 65 years
        • Are a woman who is pregnant or breastfeeding 

        Ask your doctor or pharmacist before use if you:

        • Have a heart problem
        • Use other medicine

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