Pigeon Sponge Brush

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Pigeon Sponge Brush a 360° rotary handle brush for thorough cleaning of plastic nursing bottles. Easy handle and finger grip at the most appropriate angle for ease of washing. With a double layer sponge catches dirt and cleans walls of bottles effectively. Folded sponge at the tip can effectively clean and remove tough stains at the bottom of bottle.


  • Pigeon Sponge Brush provides soft cleaning without scratching.
  • A rotary handle for easy grip.
  • Uniquely textured two-layer structure for thorough cleaning.
  • Use on both slim and wide neck bottles.


      Before first use, be sure to clean and place bottle in boiling water for 5 minutes to ensure hygiene. Follow recommended sterilization methods and take note of the material heat resistances listed on packaging. Health Professionals recommend plastic bottles be changed every 6 months.