Pigeon Peristaltic Slim Neck Teat L 2 Pack

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Pigeon Peristaltic Slim Neck Teat L is a slim neck teat, with double thickness silicone to ensure ideal softness and flexibility for latching on comfortably and easily. Each teat also features a unique venting system to minimize swallowed air and help reduce colic.

Pigeon's original nipple design.  Research conducted on baby's oral development shows that baby suckles breast milk by moving their tongue in a smooth, wave-like motion.  This motion is called 'Peristaltic motion' and is the natural sucking behavior of a baby.  Pigeon teats have been specially designed to mimic and promote this natural sucking action.  Pigeon teats have been designed to reduce nipple confusion between breast and bottle. 


  • BPA and BPS free.
  • Teat size L, round hole, +9 months
  • Suitable for Slim necked bottles
  • Size L -  Fast flow when baby is not satisfied with Y cut
  • Made from ultra-soft, thick silicone that is super flexible
  • Grooved interior for maximum flexibility and natural tongue support
  • Fits perfectly into baby's sucking foss
  • Super-stretchable
  • Ultra-soft silicone


Teat section has an accordion-like portion that enables it to stretch in response to the peristaltic movement of the baby's tongue.

Ultra-soft silicone

The nipple's surface is very soft, yet it does not collapse easily. made from thick ultra-soft silicone material, the nipple has similar elasticity to that of a mother's actual breast. the dome-like shape makes baby's mouth open naturally, supports its mouth softly and fits its lips gently.


  • 1x pigeon peristaltic slim-neck nipple 2 pcs - size l
  • Style: ‎Large - 2 Pc
  • Dimension: 5.5 x 5.5 x 7.5 cm
  • Weight: 22 Grams


    Follow recommended sterilization methods and take note of the material heat resistances listed on packaging. Health Professionals recommend to changed product every 6 months.