Pigeon Calming Soother Small

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Pigeon Calming Soother have been medically researched to perfectly fit a baby's mouth. Designed to provide baby with a dummy that soothes and calms, whilst providing for oral development unique to their age.

Made from the softest class of silicone, with a teat shaped to truly fit baby’s mouth, the soother reduces burden on the areas where teeth grow, with three sizes that develop with baby.


  • Made from the softest class of silicone
  • Teat shaped to truly fit baby’s mouth
  • Reduce the burden on the areas where teeth grow.
  • Providing for oral development unique to their age.
  • Available in three sizes that grow with the baby. 

Available in three sizes that grow with the baby.

Small: (0+months)

From newborn, the sucking action is important to both baby’s emotional and oral development. Resembling the shape of a mothers nipple, it supports baby’s natural sucking action. It also helps develop baby’s facial and jaw muscles.

Medium: (3+months)

For when solids have been introduced. This step enables baby to open and close their mouth (similar to when they eat/chew/swallow). This step encourages a smooth weaning process.

Large: (6+months)

For when baby starts to teethe. As baby starts to wean and speak, they tend to breathe through their mouths – this step encourages baby to develop the habit of breathing through their nose, thus preventing throat dryness and inhalation of dust.


Before first use and for subsequent cleaning, immerse in sterilizing solution or boiling water for 5 minutes and allow to cool. Remove any trapped water by shaking the soother downwards repeatedly for 15 strokes. Clean before each use. If soother is not used immediately after sterilization, store in a dry, covered container.


Can be sterilized by boiling, steam or chemical


  • Nipple - silicone rubber
  • Hood/shield – polypropylene
  • Travel Case: PolypropyleneQ


  • Small (love fairy/bear, school bus/apple, love fairy/bee)
  • Medium (car/horse)
  • Large (wish fairy/carrot, helicopter/train)


      Follow recommended sterilization methods and take note of the material heat resistances listed on packaging. Do not tie the soother around the baby's neck as it presents a strangulation hazard.