Pigeon Bottle & Teat Brush

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Pigeon Bottle & Teat Brush safe and durable in a 3-in-1 pack that comes with a silicone bottle brush, a sponge brush, and a nipple brush to thoroughly clean your baby's feeding bottles and nipples. It is a practical pack that can be used on any of your Pigeon feeding bottles and nipples.

The special plastic coating on handle prevents damage to the mouth of bottle. The high-density tip of Nylon Brush removes even stubborn dirt in bottle. The flexible, folded Sponge of Sponge Brush allows you to remove stubborn dirt and the shape lets you wash thoroughly even at the hard-to-reach places in bottle.


  • Safe & Durable
  • Stronger Cleaning Effect.
  • Replaceable handle and easy use.
  • BPA free.
  • Enables 2 different ways of washing bottles.
  • Special plastic coating.
  • High Density Tip.
  • Flexible, Folded Sponge.
  • 3-in-1 pack with a silicone bottle brush, sponge brush, and nipple brush
  • Replaceable brush head 

The unique handle enables bottles to be washed in 2 different ways:

Vertical Wash - Use the brush handle and bristles in straight up and down action.

Circular Wash - Hold the handle firmly and rotate the brush inside the bottle.


      Before first use, be sure to clean and place bottle in boiling water for 5 minutes to ensure hygiene. Follow recommended sterilization methods and take note of the material heat resistances listed on packaging. Health Professionals recommend plastic bottles be changed every 6 months.