MEDLAB Immune-5 Vanilla 150g Powder Boosting Immune System

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Immune-5 is a scientifically-based combination of select first line immune modulating nutrients, together with two specific probiotic species shown to assist with immune function. ResistAid is a prebiotic soluble fibre with immune modulating properties while Lactoferrin is a naturally occurring protein found in the body with a positive effect on the immune system. Colostrum provides important innate immune supporting proteins including the antibody IgG that both activates and modulate the body defence processes.


Each scoop (5 g dose) contains:

Lactoferrin 200 mg
Colostrum 340 mg Equiv. IgG 100mg
Arabinogalactactan 2.25g
Lactobacillus paracasei (MED 24) 5 billion
Bifidobacterium lactis (MED 13) 5 billion

Excipient Ingredients:
Natural Vanilla Flavour


Mix one (1) level teaspoon (5g) into 100-200 mL of water and drink immediately, two (2) times per day or as directed by your healthcare practitioner.