Medela Contact Nipple Shields Protection & Easier Breastfeeding Medium 20mm

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DESIGNED FOR SPECIAL BREASTFEEDING: The Medela Contact Nipple Shields were made to address common breastfeeding issues, including flat or inverted nipples and those experiencing latching difficulties, soreness, and overactive letdown.

>> For latch on difficulties or flat and inverted nipples to help continue breastfeeding.

INNOVATIVE DESIGN FOR MORE CONTACT: Made of 100% ultra-thin and soft silicone, Medela’s Contact Nipple Shields feature a unique design with a cut-out area that encourages maximum skin contact between you and your baby.

>>  Unique cut out shape allows more skin contact between mom and baby.

USE UNDER DIRECTION OF MEDICAL PROFESSIONAL: Medela’s Contact Nipple Shields should be used under the direction and guidance of a physician, lactation consultant, or other healthcare professional to ensure proper use.

MADE WITHOUT BPA: Like all other Medela breast pump parts and accessories that come into contact with breastmilk, our contact nipple shields are and have always been made without BPA.

>> Made without BPA - Safe for Mom & Baby

CONVENIENT AND PORTABLE: This kit includes (2) contact nipple shields along with a portable carrying case for traveling. It’s always best to have an extra nipple shield on hand for added convenience.

Medela Nipple Shield Tutorial - YouTube

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