Lifesmart Blood ß-Ketone 10 Strips + 1 Code Strip 2TwoPlus for LS-946

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10 test strips, 1 code strip and instruction inside.

Use only with LifeSmart LS-946 Blood Glucose Plus β-Ketone Monitoring System.

1.0 μL Tiny Blood Sample

How to Use

Do not apply blood on the top of the strip.

Any area of this strip can be touched and the glucose reading will not be affected.

Chemical components in sensor:

  • β-Hydroxybutyrate Dehydrogenase (Pseudomonas sp.) ≥ 0.5 U
  • Mediator 55%
  • NAD ≥ 0.5μg
  • Enzyme protector 8%
  • Non-reactive ingredients 29%

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