Freezeframe Liposlim Instant Cellulite Eraser - 100ml

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Liposlim - Say Goodbye To Dimpled Skin LIPOSLIM’s clinically proven blend of 6 powerful actives works to smooth and tone the skin, breaking down those lumps and bumps that we call cellulite and flushing them right out of the body.   Erase cellulite in just 10 minutes and reduce the appearance of orange peel lumps and bumps in just 6 weeks. 

With the help of our exclusive built in massager, as well as microcirculation boosters included in the formula, skin is tightened and smoothed and the orange peel effect disappears from sight. The visible results are outstanding with up to 57% reduction in the appearance of orange peel skin in 6 weeks. In fact more than 80% of women saw visibly smoother skin.

Bonus side effect – you’ll look slimmer!

As the melted fat is transported away, you will also see what looks like a shrinking effect in the treated area. In fact, 86% of women saw a visible slimming of the appearance of thighs and legs in 8 weeks.

Plus, see Instant smoothing results!

Here’s another bonus – LIPOSLIM also contains advanced tissue tightening agents which smooth the skin within 10 minutes of application – so you will look smoother and more toned from day 1.


Use Morning and Evening. Twist the dual-action massage roller to the ON position. Squeeze the tube to release lotion onto the rollers and roll in a firm, circular motion across targeted cellulite affected areas, or areas you would like to spot reduce. Smoothes and slims buttocks, thighs, stomach, spare tyres, knees and upper arms. For best results, apply directly after shower or bath. Switch to OFF position when not in use.