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Clinically proven to make lips look bigger and make lip wrinkles look smaller in just 28 days.

Instant and long term results will change the way lips look forever Now you can double the look of your lips and treat vertical lip lines at the same time!

Plumping lips isn’t new. What is new is that this technology doesn’t just irritate lips into temporarily appearing bigger like other lip plumpers. Incredibly, micronised hyaluronic acid spheres (the very same ingredient used in injectable lip volumisers) reach the underlying tissue in a micronised form where they swell and expand in the lips up to 1000 times their dehydrated size. This exerts pressure in the direction of the surface, plumping lips outwards making them look fuller and younger in just minutes.

This process of pushing and exerting pressure on the surface of the skin has another remarkable side effect – when applied on the wrinkles that appear around the mouth, it pushes these out too. The result – instant, dramatically reduced wrinkle appearance that lasts all day.


It’s the clinically proven long term volumising effect that really makes this product a world first breakthrough. Two remarkable ingredients combine to capture lipids and stimulate your cells ability to form fatty tissue – right where you want it. This clinically proven fat stimulating technology will make your lips look like you have grown soft, plump fat back – poofing out lips like a real lip injection. 

But of course, there is a wonderful side effect to this technology as well, as it works to diminish the appearance of smokers lines and vertical lip lines. It’s like a fat injection straight into your wrinkles and smokers lines and it’s clinically proven to work –100% of test subjects saw smoother lips in 4 weeks.

Imagine… Instant Lip Plumping And Wrinkle Filling, Combined With A Breakthrough Fat Enhancing Technology That Poofs Out Lips And Lip Wrinkles Like A Real Lip Injection

Whether your lip volume has disappeared over the years, or you were born with thin lips, LIP INJECTION can give you full, youthful looking lips in just minutes, and the best part is, now they can last you a lifetime.

Lip volumizing and wrinkle reducing lip treatment

At last! A technology that not only plumps lips and smooths lip wrinkles instantly, it’s clinically proven to stimulate fat so it poofs out lips and lip wrinkles long term – just like a real lip injection.

In just 10 minutes:
Plumps and smooths lips 

In just 28 days:
77% of test subjects saw bigger looking lips
77% of test subjects saw smoother lips