Freezeframe Hyper White Skin Brightening - 30ml

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Hyper White - Brighter Skin Instantly!

The secret behind HYPER WHITE’s instant effect is achieved with a combination of a modified titanium dioxide, plus optical brighteners to provide an immediate uniformity and matt appearance to the complexion.

Clinical measurements taken 10 minutes after application of this breakthrough complex show a reduction in pigmentation, a more even skin tone, and a reduction in the melanin index of over 10%. It was also shown to reduce excess yellow tones and redness in the skin by over 12%.

And if that wasn’t enough, here are some other pleasant instant side effects that the scientists behind the clinical testing discovered this unique complex can provide:

  • 20% less visible pores
  • 29% less visible wrinkles
  • 36% less oily appearance


HYPER WHITE contains a synergistic blend of bio-mimetic peptides, enzymatic peeling agents, including enzymes from papaya, ions and amino acids, and a natural extract of the Chilean Boldo tree which has been proven in 3 separate clinical trials to slow pigmentation by as much as 70%, both treating and preventing future pigmentation.

A more even skin tone and reduction in pigmentation can be seen in just 4 weeks. 100% of trial participants saw a reduction in pigmentation and brighter, more luminous skin in 8 weeks!


Apply to clean, dry skin morning and evening. For dark spots and pigmentation: apply directly to pigmented area. For overall skin brightening and for a more even, unified skin tone: apply to entire face and neck. May also be used on hands, décolletage and other areas of hyperpigmentation on the body.

HYPER WHITE contains moisturisers and enzymatic peeling agents, so you should not need another moisturiser. However, you may apply a moisturiser over the top of your treatment if you have extremely dry skin.