Ferro-Grad C Iron & Vitamin C 30 Tablets Treatment of Tiredness Fatigue

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Ferro-grad C contains a modified-release formula that may help reduce gastro-intestinal side effects, and vitamin C which aids absorption. Having the correct amount of iron in the body is important for a woman. If you are ever unsure about your iron levels, see your doctor for an iron test.

Should the GP then diagnose you as having iron deficiency, and recommend you take a therapeutic oral iron supplement, choose Ferro-grad C.

Ferro-grad C is lactose, sucrose and gluten free. Ferro-grad C is made in the UK.

Swallow whole one tablet daily or as directed by your physician. Ferro-grad C can be taken on an empty stomach or after a meal. Oral iron supplementation usually takes 3-6 months to correct iron deficiency.

Even if you notice your symptoms improving after a few weeks, do not stop taking your Ferro-grad C without talking to your doctor or pharmacist first. Do not take Ferro-grad C for more than 12 months unless on medical advice.