Ezy Dose Weekly 7-Day Push Button Pill Organizer & Planner X-Large

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Ezy Dose Weekly 7-Day Push Button Pill Reminder Organizer and Planner - this weekly pill organizer is perfect for scheduling your week's medication. Its push buttons and transparent lid are simple to use and help you keep track of your medication through the week.

This 7-day pill planner is designed for easy use. Its buttons and rounded bottom make it easy to open and retrieve medications. The product's clear lid allows easy visibility of medication to help prevent missing doses.


  • Easy to Use – Larger push buttons soften the effort needed to open compartments and rounded bottoms make medicine easy to retrieve. Great for individuals who struggle with dexterity
  • Clear Lid – Keeps medication visible to help prevent missed doses
  • Non-Slip Base – Four silicone “feet” secure the planner to the counter for one-handed opening
  • Large Storage – XL compartments hold up to 30 aspirin tablets and are great for multiple larger medications and/or vitamins
  • Quality Design – High grade plastic and Durable Design gives this planner extended use


  • 7 Day Pill Organizer: AM/PM compartments help you to easily plan and distribute your daily doses
  • Easy Use: Push buttons and rounded bottoms, Makes pill organizer easy to open and medication easy to retrieve
  • Pill Capacity: Holds up to 30 pills per compartment (aspirin-sized)
  • Built To Last: Quality design, Built to withstand repeated use
  • Healthy Living: Ezy Dose products make living healthier simply easier, Many products endorsed by the Arthritis Foundation


Press down on tab to open. To Clean: Wash before initial use. Open compartments and rinse with warm soapy water. Allow to completely air dry before using.


  • Item Weight: 150g
  • Color: Assorted Colors
  • Material: Plastic
  • Product Type: Weekly (7-Day) Push Button Container
  • Item Dimensions: L8.89 x W2.12 x H0.7 inches 


Keep all medication out of reach of children. This product is not child resistant. Always read the label. Follow the directions for use. If symptoms persist, talk to your healthcare professional.