Ezy Dose Medtime Planner Push Buttion 7-Day XL Pill Box

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This newly designed push-button pill reminder is easier to use than ever. The unique one-touch feature lifts the lid of the pill box box with a push of a button for easy access to your daily medications.

features of your Push Button Pill reminder include:

  • One-Touch, push-button access to compartments
  • Portable - great to keep in a purse, jacket or lunch box
  • See-through covers for clear medication identifications
  • Tabs for morning are in green, for noon are in red, for evening are in blue and for bedtime are in purple

Instruction for use: Press down on tab to open.

To clean: Wash before initial use. Open compartments and rinse with warm soapy water. Allow to completely air dry before using.

Caution: Keep all medication out of reach of children. This product is not child resistant.

  • Length Overall 222.0 mm
  • Width Overall 190.0 mm
  • Height Overall 30.0 mm