Elastoplast Sport Rigid Strapping Tape 38mm x 15m Value Pack

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Elastoplast Sport Rigid Strapping Tape is a robust supportive tape, which is suitable for stabilising joints during vigorous physical activity, to support and prevent joint injury. By restrictive excessive movement of joints & ligaments, it stabilises the area to help alleviate pain. It can be used to treat moderate to severe, joint and ligament sprains, strains or tears, to provide extra support during recovery.

Constructed to be as stable as possible with a rubber zinc oxide adhesive mass, it restricts excessive movement of ligaments, tendons and joints to prevent injury or re-injury under high-stress conditions. The medical grade, porous zinc oxide adhesive ensures that tape will remain in place and the strong rayon construction allows for maximum support.


  • Provide maximum stability to prevent and treat injuries.
  • 100% rayon, tightly woven.
  • Strong adhesion & Latex free.
  • Suitable For: Ankles, elbows and shoulders

The athletic tape is flesh coloured with pink edges. The pink edges provide quicker application while simultaneously eliminating threading. It is hand tear-able for faster and easier application, mitigating the need for scissors.

For Sensitive Skin or frequent taping, apply an Elastoplast under-wrap first, followed by the Rigid Strapping Tape. Allowing a layer between your skin and the tapes adhesive layer will help provide comfort and prevent irritation.


How to prepare the skin.

Before you apply the tape, you need to prepare the area to be taped by Shaving the area - for best results, wet-shaving the skin 12 hours before or using an electric razor just prior. Cleaning the area by using a tape remover to remove body oil. Covering any rashes or broken skin with a non-stick wound pad.

Where to apply the tape.

Joints are normally strapped in their "at rest" position. Do not use the limb to pull against when getting the tape off the roll. Hold the roll in one hand and pull the tape off with the other hand, then apply gently or cut off the required number of strips of the correct length before you start applying.

How tight should the tape be.

Flexing the muscles when applying the tape will help you get the correct tension. Check that the tape is not too tight by pinching the skin below the tape for a few seconds. The skin should return to its normal colour when released. If the tape is too loose, it will not support the joint. If it is too tight, then it could cut off the blood supply. If numbness and tingling result, remove tape or bandage and reapply with reduced tightness.

How much tape to apply.

For maximum strength, overlap each layer of strapping tape by 1/3-1/2. The amount you use depends upon the amount of support you need. If you use too little, then you are not providing enough support to the joint. If you use too much, then you could reduce the mobility of surrounding muscles.

When to remove the tape.

For all normal prophylactic or preventative taping and bandaging applications remove the tape as soon as you have finished training or playing. Generally all taping and bandaging applications should not remain on the skin for longer than 2 days. Seek further advice from your Physiotherapist or Health Professional for extended use of the taping or bandaging application.

How to remove the tape.

Ideally, remove the tape using bandage scissors. Place the scissors over a soft part of the limb (not over the bone), then slide under the tape and cut. Peel down over the top of the tape. Do not peel at right angles away from the limb. Peel gently and evenly - do not rip.


For skin protection, stability and maximum compression, we recommend using the UTB method:


Use Elastoplast Pre-Taping
Underwrap to protect skin


Use Elastoplast Rigid
Strapping Tape for stability to prevent and treat injury


Overwrap Elastoplast Elastic
Adhesive Bandage for strong compression and extra support


    To avoid circulation problems do not apply too tightly. If numbness and tingling result, remove tape and reapply with reduced tightness. Seek medical advice if injury is severe.

    Important Information

    Our tapes are developed in collaboration with a panel of specialized physicians and medical therapists. Hand-tearable for faster and easier application, no scissors required.