Elastoplast Sport Knee Support Adjustable Mobility Compression Support

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Warmth and support to relieve weak and injured knees.

The Elastoplast Adjustable Knee Support helps to provide strength and support for knees which are stiff, weak or injured. It also helps to provide protection from further injury to the knee. The Elastoplast Adjustable Knee Support is suitable for both left and right knee, and it has an open patella design for support. The durable materials provide support, warmth and comfort to the wearer. The Elastoplast Adjustable Knee Support is suitable for everyday use, including during hobbies and sporting activities.


Neoprene Blend, Polyester, Nylon


1. Place support over knee ensuring the smooth side faces skin. The single strap should be outside the leg and the hole should cover the knee cap.

2. While holding the support in place, wrap the middle strap under knee and attach to the support.

3. Wrap each of the remaining outside straps under your knee and attach them to the support. Adjust tension to desired comfort and support