Elastoplast Sport Junior Mouthguard Assorted Carton of 6

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Elastoplast Sport Junior Mouthguard are used to prevent concussion and injuries to the mouth and jaw when participating in contact sport such as boxing, football or MMA (mixed martial arts). Encourage wear during sport time by choosing your child’s favourite colour from a range of kids’ mouthguard colours.

The Elastoplast Junior Mouthguard is a ‘boil and bite’ product. It uses thermoplastic (BPA and latex free) that moulds to the shape of your child’s teeth and jaw. A snug, custom fit is important to provide maximum protection against dental damage.


  • Protects kids’ mouths, teeth and jaw
  • Mouldable for custom fit
  • For ages 10 and under
  • BPA & Latex Free

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Step 1 - Place Elastoplast Sport Mouthguard over upper teeth to test for size.

Step 2 - If too long, trim back until comfortable size is achieved.

Step 3 - Practice pressing mouthguard firmly to roof of mouth with tongue whilst biting on mouthguard.

Step 4 - Place the Guard in near boiling water for 10 seconds. Remove with a spoon and shake off water

Step 5 - Insert mouthguard immediately in position and bite firmly but gently to obtain even bite. (The Guard whilst feeling warm will not burn the mouth.

Step 6 - Whilst in this position, suck the mouthguard into place whilst exerting pressure with tongue against the roof of the mouth.

Step 7 - Mould mouthguard around the side of the teeth with forefinger to ensure tight fit.

Step 8 - Finally remove and cool by immersing in cold water.

Step 9 - When correctly fitted your Elastoplast Sport Mouthguard will provide you with a personal fitting designed for your protection.


It is recommended that after each use the Elastoplast Sports Mouthguard be washed in a mild antiseptic, then rinsed in clean water under a tap and dry thoroughly before replacing in your personal mouthguard container.




Wear during activities that lead to discomfort. Seek medical advice if in doubt about the injury. Only use on clean, intact skin. The product should be applied as illustrated. Ensure product is not uncomfortably tight and blood flow is not restricted. Avoid wearing for prolonged periods e.g. whilst sleeping. Do not use if you have a known allergy to any of the specified materials. Consult a physician and stop use if a rash develops, pain is prolonged or if conditions worsen.


How to fit a junior mouthguard?

Fitting a junior mouthguard is the same as fitting an adult mouthguard. Since you’ll be using boiling water to soften the mouthguard, it’s recommended to help your child fit their mouthguard.

1. Do a practice run by having your child push the mouthguard firmly to the roof of their mouth with their tongue, suck back a bit, and bite down with their teeth. They need to bite fairly firm, but not too hard.

2. You’ll now need two bowls, a fork, and a kettle. Fill one bowl with boiling water and the other with cold water. Make sure there’s enough water to be able to push the mouthguard all the way under.

3. Use the fork to push your child’s mouthguard under the hot water so it is fully submerged.

4. Hold the mouthguard in place so it can soak in the boiling water for 20-30 seconds.

5. Your mouthguard should now be soft enough to mould. Pop it into the bowl of cold water.

6. Hold the mouthguard in the cold water for 3-5 seconds. It still needs to be warm enough to be moulded, but cool enough to put in your child’s mouth.

7. Tell your child to bite down on the mouthguard using the technique they practiced in step 1. Hold for one minute. Remember to bite firm, but not too hard.

8. If the mouthguard still feels loose, you’ll need to remould it starting from step 3.

9. Once you have the right fit, pop the mouthguard back into the bowl of cold water to let it set completely.