Elastoplast Sport Elastowrap - 10m X 10cm Skin Taping Bandages Hypoallergenic

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Bandage: Used for regular taping of sensitive skin.

Use prior to knee and shoulder taping. Treatment of minor burns and to help prevent blisters.
Acrylic adhesive - suitable for sensitive skin.


Elastowrap is a cotton pre-taping underwrap with a hypoallergenic adhesive for sensitive skin. Designed to be wrapped under sport tapes and adhesive bandages to prevent friction and chaffing. Most commonly used in conjunction with Elastoplast Elastic Adhesive Bandage or Elastoplast Rigid Strapping Tape.

Elastowrap is made with a porous cotton construction that allows the skin to breathe freely. With a wave construction backing paper, removal is easy, quick, and painless. Also great for securing pads, ice packs, shin guards and socks in place.

Using Elastowrap adhesive bandages for sensitive skin allows firmer, stronger, stickier bandaging to be placed over the top without worrying about rashes and other skin conditions.