Elastoplast Cohesive Compression Bandage 75mm x 4.5m

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Elastoplast Cohesive Compression Bandage - sticks to itself, not your skin or hair.

Elastoplast Cohesive Compression Bandage is adaptable support and compression that sticks to itself, not skin. Use and reuse. Latex free. Gentle compression.

Unique self-adhesive technology sticks to itself, not skin or hair. Skin friendly, pain free with no residue, ideal for any taping requirement. 

Ensure circulation is not impaired and bandage is not too tight. If it feels too tight, remove and re-apply. Elastoplast products are developed in collaboration with a panel of specialized physicians & medical therapists.


  • Self-adhesive
  • Applies compression and support
  • Suitable for any muscle or joint
  • Latex free
  • Gentle compression.
  • Suitable For: 75mm: head, arms, knees & feet


      The Elastoplast Cohesive Bandage features self-adhesive technology that sticks to itself – not your skin or hair. With excellent conformability and no sticky residue, the cohesive bandage covers wounds and supports injured joints and muscles. Conforms to contours to the body and movement without bunching or rolling down. Perfect for tricky areas and easy to wrap securely.

      Keep dressings intact, secure gauze and support injured muscles without the need for additional products such as fixation tape. The Elastoplast Cohesive Bandage is also latex free – keeping it very skin friendly.

      7.5cm x 4.5m
      1 Roll
      Blue Camo
      4 x 5
      5cm x 4.5m
      1 Roll
      3 x 8
      7.5cm x 4.5m
      1 Roll
      4 x 5


      Apply in figure of eight formation around joints or muscular structures requiring support via compression bandaging. Common areas of application are ankles, knees, wrists and elbows.

      By adapting the bandage stretch and number of wrap layers, the level of compression and firmness can be customized.

      1. Ensure skin is clean and dry, keeping the injured area supported in the position it will be once bandaged.

      2. Wrap the bandage around the injured area, ensuring that you overlap each layer by a half. If bandaging a joint i.e. knee or ankle, use a figure 8 bandaging technique.

      3. Do not apply stretch or pressure on the last 10cm of application.


        Ensure circulation is not impaired and bandage is not too tight. If it feels too tight, remove and re-apply.

        Always read the label. Follow directions for use. If symptoms persist talk to your healthcare professional. This medicine may not be right for you. Read the warnings before purchase. The pharmacist reserves the right to not supply contrary to our professional and ethical obligation.