Elastoplast Aqua Protect Waterproof Plaster 40 Pack

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Elastoplast Aqua Protect Waterproof Plaster - seals wounds while swimming and showering.

Elastoplast Aqua Protect is 100% waterproof. Super strong adhesion. Ideal for washing and swimming. Protects against dirt and bacteria.

100% Waterproof wound plasters to cover and protect minor wounds. Experts recommend. Cleans, protect, heal for optimal wound healing.


  • Waterproof yet breathable
  • Strong adhesion
  • Protects like a second skin
  • Extra strong adhesion
  • Ideal for washing, showering, bathing and swimming
  • Breathable
  • Non-stick wound pad protects and cushions the wound
  • Excellent skin tolerability


      Elastoplast Aqua Protect Waterproof Plasters are ideal for covering small wounds in and out of the water. The flexible, breathable adhesive material acts as a second skin, completely sealing off wounds even while wet.

      Contains a non-stick woundpad that protects and cushions smaller wounds, creating an ideal environment for healing. Available as strips in a variety of different sizes.

      Aqua Protect Waterproof Plasters are transparent and can be used while swimming, showering or any other wet activity.

      The packaging of this product contains latex. The product is latex free.


      Step 1 - Clean the wound and gently wipe away any foreign objects such as dirt or grit.

      Step 2 - Dry the skin around the cut or graze very carefully.

      Step 3 - Apply plaster without stretching and avoiding creases.

      Use each plaster only once.


      Aqua Protect
      25 x 72mm
      40 Strips
      40 Strips (one size)


      Always read the label. Follow directions for use. If symptoms persist talk to your healthcare professional. This medicine may not be right for you. Read the warnings before purchase. The pharmacist reserves the right to not supply contrary to our professional and ethical obligation.


      1. How often should I change my plaster?

      For hygienic reasons, it is recommended that you change Standard First Aid Dressings daily.

      2. Is it better to let small wounds dry at the fresh air instead of putting on a plaster?

      It is a commonly held myth about wound care that keeping minor cuts and grazes uncovered helps them to heal faster. The contrary is true! It is proven that covered wounds have a reduced risk of infection and heal more efficiently. Elastoplast plasters are the ultimate addition to your first aid supplies. They provide caring, antibacterial protection until the wounds are completely healed.

      3. When should I consult a doctor?

      We recommend contacting a medical professional under the following circumstances:

      • If the wound is deep and causing major bleeding
      • If the wound shows signs of infection such as redness, warmth, pain and swelling
      • If there are embedded foreign objects in it
      • In the case of animal or human bites
      • If the wound is in the area of the face

      Of course, whenever you have questions or are uncertain it is advisable to get in contact with a medical professional.

      4. What if my wound gets infected, swells, creates pus, or suppurates?

      You should contact a medical professional if you recognise any signs of infection. This is not only the occurrence of pus but also swelling, redness, heat, pain, itching or burning. In case of infection the wound will need medical care and special medical treatment.

      5. Which plaster should I use for my sensitive skin?

      If you have very sensitive skin we recommend using the Elastoplast Sensitive products. These plasters are especially developed for sensitive skin and are very skin friendly and hypoallergenic.

      6. Which Elastoplast plaster are waterproof and water resistant?

      The Elastoplast Aqua Protect Strips as well as the Heavy Duty Waterproof Fabric range are waterproof and will not go off while washing or showering. All Elastoplast Plastic plasters as well as the Junior plasters are water resistant.

      7. What is a dressing bandage?

      A dressing bandage is a fabric wrap used for securing wound dressings in place, supporting ligaments and tendons, and providing moderate compression and pain relief. Depending on the injury at hand, you may need either a medium or heavy weight dressing bandage.

      Medium weight Elastoplast Crepe Bandages are used as a dressing retention, keeping gauze, wound pads or sterile compresses in place over an open wound. They also naturally provide light compression, alleviating swelling.

      Heavy weight Elastoplast Crepe Bandages are suitable when there is a strain or sprain that requires firmer support. Proper wrapping allows them to support crucial ligaments and muscles, provide moderate compression, and secure any dressings in place. This is useful in situations involving both an open wound and a joint injury.