Depend Briefs for Men & Women Size Large - 4 x 8 Pack

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Depend Briefs for Men & Women Large, the underwear is Unisex in style. It provides superior protection with a super absorbent core to lock in moisture and reduce odour, full leak guards for extra protection and all-round leg elastics for protection when active.

Depend Fitted Briefs are a comfortable and trusted solution to incontinence. They can be fitted while lying down or standing. The Briefs have been designed to put your mind at ease and have built in barriers to prevent side leakage and Ultra Absorb-Loc protection to stop the feeling of dampness against the skin.

Depend Briefs are so versatile, they can be used at day or night. The cloth like outer layer allows air to circulate, ensuring comfort and dependability. Wetness indicator disappears when brief requires changing. Breathable cloth-like outer cover keeps skin fresh and dry.

The Fitted nature of the briefs means they are comfortable and the gentle elastic means they are easy to get on and off.

Depend Unisex Underwear. Easy to fit by both wearers and carers.


  • Briefs Suitable for Men & Women
  • These fitted briefs have a soft cloth-like cover
  • There is a full length wetness indicator
  • The Absorb Loc core keeps the wearer dry and controls odour for greater confidence
  • The breathable design maintains skin health
  • The front fastening system with easy-adjust tabs allow refastening and adjustment for a better fit
  • A comfortable, stretchy waistband
  • Great solution for caregivers & wearers.
  • Capacity of 2000ml


Person In Bed

With person on their side, fit Brief into groin with tape section at back. Expand & smooth back of Brief before rolling person onto their back. Expand front of Brief & smooth. Bring each side over the front & fasten bottom tapes pointing upwards, then top tapes pointing downwards.

Person Standing 

With tape section at back, fit Brief snugly into crotch. Pull up back section and then front section & smooth. Fasten bottom tapes pointing upwards, then top tapes pointing downwards.

How to use the wetness indicator

The brief is dry when a blue patterned wetness indicator is visible. It is time to change the brief when the blue patterned wetness indicator two thirds disappear.

MATERIAL: Liner Soft Non-Woven Material, Polypropylene, Polyethylene, Polyacrylate Crystal. Made with Lycra for a close and invisible fit.


X-Small: Waist 55-75cm - Hip 55-75cm

S/M: Waist 71-102cm - Hip 71-102cm

Large: Waist 97-127cm - Hip 97-127cm

X-Large: Waist 122-162cm - Hip 122-162cm


To avoid risk of suffocation, please keep plastic bags away from infants and children. Like most articles of clothing, underwear can burn if exposed to flame or other source of ignition. Discontinue use immediately if irritation develops. Non-washable. Non-flushable.

Consult your health care professional. Bladder and bowel incontinence may be caused by a condition that can be medically treated. Please see your doctor for professional advice.