Neat Feat Gel Toe Separators

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Neat Feat Gel Toe Separators are narrow gel inserts designed to fit in between the smaller toes. Gel Toe Separators are made from soft medical grade gel and gently spread crooked, overlapping and rubbing toes. They prevent ongoing rubbing and corns between the little toes.


  • Gel Toe Separators are made from soft medical grade gel
  • They reduce friction and irritation between toes especially in the case of blisters, corns and calluses
  • Gel toe separators don’t absorb odors and can be washed with bar soap every day
  • Spread crooked, overlapping and rubbing toes
  • Gel is impregnated with mineral oil

The Neat Feat Gel Toe Spreader is a larger gel insert that can be lodged between the two larger toes. This gently realigns the toe reducing the pain associated with stiff joints. Both gel inserts are enthused with mineral oil that reduces friction between the toes.


Weight: 0.04 kg
Dimensions: 17.5 × 11 × 2 cm

INGREDIENT: Mineral Oil Impregenated Into Gel


Remove From Packaging And Place Gel Toe Separators Between The Effected Toes Or Fingers.


Always read the label, use only as directed. If orthotic problems persist please seek medical advice.