Neat Feat Spandex Arch Cushion

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Spandex Gel Cushion Arch Supports are a comfortable thin, elastic, breathable, stretch poly fitted sleeve with an embedded soft Gel Arch Pad. It cushions and supports the arches of your feet and give you relief all day long from Plantar Fasciitis, over-pronating, heel strain, heel pain, arch pain and other arch collapsing discomfits.


  • For shoes, sandals, barefoot and socks
  • Fits under arch area
  • For heel pain, arch pain, arch collapsing discomforts
  • Helps with Plantar Fasciitis, overpronating, heel strain
  • Cushioning held in place over affected area
  • Hand wash in warm water, air dry
  • Laundry bag included
  • Two cushions included (one for each foot)
  • One size fits all

Spandex Gel Arch Cushion can be worn however you wish inside shoes or sandals, barefoot or under socks. Gently slides over your forefoot and the gel arch pad nests in the space under the arch area giving you massaging support and proper alignment of your feet. The thin design can be worn in any shoe. Attractive nude colour for fashion.

Durable and reusable, hand wash with warm water, air-dry. Not recommended if you have diabetes or poor circulation. Even includes a handy little nylon mesh bag so you have it with you at all times and it won’t get lost; very discreet and thoughtful.


Wear however you wish; inside the shoes, barefoot, under socks, or with sandals. Gentle slide over your forefoot and nestle the arch pad into the space under your arch for massaging support and proper alignment of your feet. Hand wash in warm water, rinse well and air dry.

INGREDIENT: 100% gel insert; 82% Nylon, 10% Spandex.


Weight: 0.04 kg
20.5 × 7 × 4 cm


Not Recommended if you have diabetes or poor circulation. If orthotic problems persist, please seek medical advice. Always read the label, use only as directed.