Flo CRS Kit

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Sinus Congestion? Breathe easier. Go with the flo!

Flo CRS Kit, for severe sinus congestion (lasting more than 3 months in duration), try Flo CRS. It is a large volume nasal and sinus irrigation or wash that has been specifically formulated for sinus congestion.

It is a non-medicated, preservative-free, isotonic irrigation solution that helps clear the nose, sinus cavities and back of the throat by washing away excess mucus and any inflammatory matter they may contain. Flo CRS is gentle enough for daily use too.

What is special about Flo CRS?

Flo CRS consists of a Xylitol formulation that has a very low concentration of salts (sodium and potassium) to help relieve severe sinus congestion.

Flo CRS’ bottle is designed to deliver a high volume of solution at a low pressure, resulting in an effective way to wash or irrigate the nose and sinus cavities. A saline nasal spray does not deliver the same volume of solution and will only reach the nasal cavities. If a more through cleanse is needed, a sinus wash is more beneficial and can often provide more relief.

How to use Flo CRS

For best results, use twice daily or as recommended by your healthcare professional.

With a little practice, it can be performed in less than 30 seconds and is very easy to administer in the comfort of your home. Always follow directions and for a more comfortable experience, keep an open mouth whilst using Flo CRS (as shown here).

Flo CRS is available in pharmacies nationally in two pack sizes:

  • Flo CRS Starter Kit – bottle with 4 sachets
  • Flo CRS 50’s Refills  – 50 sachet

How it works

Flo CRS helps relieve sinus congestion by washing away mucus, pollens and irritants from the nose and sinus cavities by using a large volume irrigation fluid. Large volumes (up to 70-80mLs per nostril) are required to reach and adequately wash the sinus cavities.


Flo CRS may help temporarily relieve symptoms associated with nasal and sinus congestion which have been present for more than 3 months. Use Flo CRS as directed by your health professional.

Flo CRS clears the nose and sinus cavities by washing away excess mucus and the inflammatory materials they may contain.

INGREDIENT: Potassium chloride; Sodium chloride; Xylitol


Always read the label. Follow directions for use. If symptoms persist, change unexpectedly or worsen, consult your health professional.