Endwarts Freeze 7.5g

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EndWarts Freeze is a rapid home treatment for warts. Clinically proven to effectively remove warts on hands and feet.


  • Effectively removes warts
  • The coldest home wart treatment in Australia

EndWarts FREEZE contains nitrous oxide (N20), which is a very cold gas. Through Ultra Freeze Technology it freezes the wart at -80°C allowing the deepest layers of the wart to be reached.

A device that is quick and easy to use. The treatment is suitable for adults and children over 4 years old. EndWarts FREEZE is efficient – after just a few seconds of use, the core of the wart is reached and destroyed.

With the natural shedding of the skin, the body rejects the wart. One treatment may be sufficient. Old or large warts may need more than one treatment, especially if they are under the soles of your feet.


  • EndWarts FREEZE 7.5g
  • 7 Disposable Tips
  • Instruction Manual


If the wart or part of it is still present, repeat the treatment. If a wart does not go away after 3 treatments, consult your doctor. Remember to leave at least 14 days between treatments. Read the instructions for use for full details.