Compeed High Heel Blister Plaster 5 Pack

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COMPEED® High Heel Blister Plaster with advanced hydrocolloid technology for instant pain relief and fast healing. The unique butterfly shaped design with translucent edges neatly fits under the achilles for ultimate discretion. Suitable for all blisters caused by wearing high heels.

Hydrocolloid Technology

COMPEED® hydrocolloid technology is an active gel with moisture absorbing particles. Thick cushioning redistributes pressure from the blister to deliver instant pain relief.

COMPEED® has a tapered edge so it contours smoothly with the skin’s surface. This reduces friction and ensures the healing process is not disrupted by painful rubbing.

Stays in place for several days. Individual experience may vary.

How to Apply

  • Clean and dry skin before use, ensuring blister area is free of creams and oils.
  • Remove the bottom paper, avoiding touching the adhesive side. Apply plaster firmly over blister, ensuring the edges are well smoothed down.
  • Leave in place until it starts to detach (Note: may stay in place up to several days).
  • To remove plaster: do not pull upwards but slowly stretch along the skin.

Properties of Plaster

Unique butterfly shaped design with translucent edges fits under the achilles for ultimate discretion

Deep cushioning to relieve pressure and prevent painful rubbing

Ultra adhesive and tapered edges so Compeed flexes with movement and stays in place for several days

Form fitting waterproof and breathable design keeps natural moisture in and germs out for fast natural healing


  • Discreet Cushioning
  • Instant Pain Relief
  • Fast Healing

INGREDIENT: Polyurethane (PU) film - Paper, PE and Silicone coated - Adhesive - Polyethylene terephthalate (PETP) foil 25038-59-9, Siliconized paper