Fixomull Skin Sensitive Gentle Touch 10cm x 2m

Fixomull Skin Sensitive Gentle Touch 10cm x 2m

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The number of patients with fragile or compromised skin is constantly increasing, making skin integrity a pressing topic for healthcare providers. Especially elderly patients, infants and patients undergoing long-term treatment are affected.

Standard fixation products may cause adhesive-related injuries when removed, risking pain and potentially even necessitating additional treatment for patients. Fixomull skin sensitive has been specifically developed for patients with fragile and compromised skin. The soft silicone adhesive ensures secure fixation and atraumatic removal.

Description and Properties

Skin sensitive benefits for you.

Provide better care for your patients:

  • Reliable adhesion with low impact on fragile and compromised skin
  • Atraumatic removal, protecting skin integrity
  • Prevents skin stripping and tearing
  • Breathable material prevents maceration
  • Can be repositioned without stressing the skin or losing adhesive strength
  • Easily separated when stuck together
  • Radio-transparent for rapid x-ray procedures

Skin sensitive benefits for your patients:

  • Comfortable to wear and gentle to remove
  • 98% confirm an atraumatic removal*
  • 93% confirm that they had no skin reactions*
  • >85% rate wearing comfort as good or very good*

Main Uses

For secure fixation of wound dressings or secondary fixation of medical devices for patients with fragile and compromised skin:

  • Older patients, an ever-growing group who frequently suffer from fragile skin
  • Patients whose skin is compromised as a result of disease, medication or long-term treatment
  • Infants whose skin is not yet fully developed and is therefore extra sensitiv