Berocca Performance Orange Effervescent 30 Tablets

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Berocca Performance Orange Effervescent, a clinically tested multivitamin with 12 essential vitamins and minerals. Berocca supports your energy so you can be at your best, whatever daily challenges you’re facing.

Getting your Berocca Performance couldn’t be simpler. Drop a tablet into a glass of water and leave it to dissolve before drinking. Take maximum one Berocca Performance tablet per day. Whether you have a busy day ahead or are studying for exams, Berocca is a little drop of positivity to help you feel at your best. Switch ON with Berocca!

**Available in 4 pack sizes: 15 pack, 30 pack, 45 pack, 60 pack


  • Orange-flavoured Berocca Performance effervescent multivitamin tablets offer a delicious, fruity taste.
  • Supports healthy mood balance.
  • A clinically tested formula of 12 essential vitamins and minerals, including all the B-complex vitamins.
  • Berocca helps to release energy from your food so you can be at your best.
  • Dissolve one tablet in water daily. Let it fizz, then enjoy a drop of positivity.


The formula of magnesium, zinc, calcium, vitamin C and all eight B vitamins helps release energy from your food, reduces tiredness and supports physical and mental stamina. This makes Berocca Performance a good choice for getting through those late nights and challenging days.

B vitamins
Support energy release for mind and body

Helps reduce tiredness

Vitamin C
Helps support your immune system. It’s an antioxidant and supports nervous system function.

Supports a range of functions in the brain.

Supports the immune and cognitive functions.