Allersearch Nebuliser Mask Set - Nebuliser Accessories For Child

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Allersearch Nebuliser Mask Set, to optimise the performance of a nebuliser and ensure the most benefit from prescribed treatment, regular cleaning and replacement of nebuliser parts and accessories is recommended.

Allersearch nebuliser bowls, masks and other accessories are replaceable and when used regularly, we recommend:

  • Keeping a spare nebuliser bowl on hand in case of loss or damage
  • Regular cleaning of accessories
  • Replacement of all accessories every 6 months

It is important to always follow the cleaning instructions accompanying the product. For use with the Allersearch Nebuliser Systems to ensure optimal delivery of medication.

Note: Replace nebuliser accessories every 6 months when used regularly.

When changing nebuliser accessories for the first time post nebuliser purchase, it is critical to change all components to ensure compatibility.


  • Can be used with most nebuliser pumps
  • Soft mask with nasal clip for better fit
  • High quality, long-life components
  • For effective and reliable medication delivery every time
  • Long-life polycarbonate jet insert.
  • Ribbed tubing to help prevent kinking


The child mask set contains:

  • 1 child nebuliser mask
  • 1 RapidFlo nebuliser bowl.
  • 1m ribbed tubing. 

Product Type: Respiratory Mask

Technical Specifications:

  • Suits all Allersearch nebuliser systems (except Microneb).
  • Medication particle size is dependent on the type of nebuliser pump used and varies from 2.5 to 3.9 microns MMD (mass medium diameter) with Allersearch Systems.
  • Long-life polycarbonate jet insert.
  • Soft mask with nasal clip, for better kit.
  • Ribbed tubing, to help prevent kinking.


Connect mask to nebuliser bowl (filled with medication) and tubing. Connect opposite end of tubing to nebuliser unit. Place mask over nose and mouth, and position the elastic band around the back of the head to secure the mask in place. 


Replace nebuliser accessories every 6 months when used regularly. Always read the label. Follow the directions for use. If symptoms persist, talk to your healthcare professional.