Conceive Plus Fertility Lubricant Pre-Filled Applicators 8 x 4g

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Conceive Plus Fertility Lubricant Pre-Filled Applicators is unique, top-quality, and created by elite doctors. Use Conceive Plus Fertility Lubricant with Women’s and Men’s Fertility Support Supplements to enhance conception, naturally. 

Find out why Conceive Plus is the choice of doctors, pharmacists, and fertility clinics in 60+ countries.


  • Safe for Oocytes and Embryo Development
  • Developed by Harvard Medical School Doctors
  • Non-Irritating to Vaginal Tissue, FDA Cleared & Non-Toxic
  • Manufactured in France

Fertility Lubricant for All Couples TTC (Even With PCOS, Irregular Ovulation, Hormonal Issues, etc.)

Imagine living the life of your dreams – you, your partner, that white picket fence and your adorable, precious baby smiling back into your eyes. We know that for some couples Trying To Conceive (TTC) isn’t always easy. Using Conceive Plus Pre-Filled Applicators helps to create ideal conditions in the body for fertilization, increasing the odds of conception.


  • 8 x 4g Pre-Filled Applicators for Intra-Vaginal Use
  • Supports Natural Fertility
  • Patented Formula with Calcium + Magnesium Ions
  • Created by Harvard Doctors for Positive Results
  • Balanced to Prolong Sperm Life

Infertility is affecting more and more couples each year. That’s why with the help of doctors from the Harvard Medical School and the Massachusetts General Hospital, we created a specialized, fertility-friendly lubricant. Conceive Plus features Magnesium (Mg2+) and Calcium (Ca2+) Ions for Fertility Support — Vaginal Moisturizer that Relieves Vaginal Dryness

For use by all couples Trying To Conceive (TTC). Conceive Plus is the right choice to enhance the body for conception.

  • The Only Lubricant with Magnesium and Calcium Ions. Not only are Magnesium and Calcium essential minerals essential for a healthy diet, but they’re also vital for conceiving, too. Conceive Plus is a patented lubricant (US Patent #8,703,198) that incorporates fertility-enhancing ions to boost the odds of conception, naturally. 
  • Easy to Use Pre-Filled Internal Applicators. Apply the fertility lubricant deep within the vagina, coating the cervix and vagina thoroughly. Each box contains 8 pre-filled applicators that are ergonomic, ensuring an in-depth coverage of the sperm-friendly lubricant for enhanced fertilization.
  • Ideal pH and Osmolarity. Our formula falls within the perfect pH range for conception set by World Health Organization (WHO). The optimized pH, as well as osmolar properties, create optimal conditions for sperm migration. A less-acidic vaginal environment is needed to prolong the life of sperm, trying to migrate to the egg.
  • Clinically Tested Vaginal Moisturizer. Vaginal dryness affects nearly 3 in 4 couples — most don’t even realize it! A moisturized vagina creates a more fertile vaginal environment. The moisturizing properties help to eliminate vaginal dryness for improved odds of a happy, healthy conception.
  • Prolongs Sperm Viability and Motility. Conceive Plus Fertility Lubricant remains thoroughly mixed with sperm, even after 24 hours. Our sperm-friendly lubricant doesn’t hinder the natural migration of sperm (unlike most other lubricants). It enhances the viability and motility of the sperm.

Conceive Plus isn’t just for couples who are struggling. Sometimes completely fertile couples are unable to conceive the first few times, too. Our sperm-friendly, laboratory-developed lubricant helps to better couples’ chances of a planned pregnancy so they can start the family of their dreams on their watch.

We are passionate about getting couples of all backgrounds to finally read two stripes on their pregnancy tests.

Whether on the mature side or in your early 20s, fully fertile or struggling with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS),  we’re confident that you will love our Fertility Lubricant (and entire Conceive Plus line for both her and him).