Conceive Plus Duo Combo - Fertility Lubricant 75mL & Pre-Filled Applicators 8 x 4g 1 Month Supply

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Conceive Plus Duo Combo - Fertility Lubricant 75mL & Pre-Filled Applicators 8 x 4g 1 Month Supply is designed for use by all couples who are trying to get pregnant. We suggest all couples trying to conceive use Conceive Plus Fertility Lubricant each time they have sex during the peak ovulation days. Use one applicator up to 15 minutes before and use the tube together each time you have sex to increase the chances of natural conception.


  • A trusted, recommended fertility lubricant for all
  • Safe for Oocytes and Embryo Development
  • Prolonged Sperm Life Due to pH & Ions
  • Non-Irritating & Non-Toxic
  • FDA Cleared
  • Manufactured in France

Discover Conceive Plus’s unique blend of pH, osmolarity, essential ions, and more – for improved conception.

Experience the difference for 1 month with Conceive Plus. You can experiment with the Fertility Lubricant tube (for him) and Fertility Lubricant Pre-Filled Applicators (for her) separately, or ideally, together. Made by Harvard doctors with physiologically-key ions. Our Patented Fertility Lubricant —For His and Her Application—Assists Sperm Mobility & Motility—pH Optimized.


  • 1 x Conceive Plus 2.5 oz
  • 1 x Conceive Plus 8 x 4g Pre-Filled Applicators for Intra-Vaginal Use
  • 1 month supply

8 Pre-Filled Applicators - the Pre-Filled Applicators are designed for use by her. Insert the applicator with ease 10-15 minutes before intercourse to ensure proper absorption. Conceive Plus Pre-Filled Applicators are non-toxic and won’t harm vaginal tissue.

2.5 oz Fertility Lubricant Multi-Use Tube - Conceive Plus Fertility lube comes in a tube. In short, it applies and works like a standard lubricant. However, while most other lubricants are acidic, Conceive Plus Fertility Lubricant has a balanced pH, allowing sperm to survive en route to the egg.

We understand that struggling with fertility can be expensive.

Conceive Plus facilitates the conception process allowing couples to have the family of their dreams at a faster rate without having to shell out thousands of dollars. Our products specifically address common infertility causes (i.e., vaginal dryness, an acidic vaginal environment, lack of crucial minerals, etc.)

Our formula cuts down on the time and number of tries needed to conceive, naturally. Conceive Plus is unique in its mineral-enhanced and ideal pH and osmolality formula.

Find out why Conceive Plus is the choice of doctors, pharmacists, and fertility clinics in 60+ countries.

  • The Only Lubricant with Magnesium & Calcium Ions. Magnesium plays a crucial role in over 300 biochemical processes in the body, while calcium is needed for co-absorption and supports a healthy nervous system. It’s no surprise these ions are vital when it’s time to create a new life.
  • Controlled pH and Osmolarity. It is created by Harvard scientists to mimic the body on the most fertile days. The female body is most receptive to sperm on her reproductive cycle days when the vagina is more neutral.
  • Vaginal Moisturizer. A little-known contributor to infertility is vaginal dryness. 75% of couples trying to conceive (TTC) experience vaginal dryness without realizing it. Conceive Plus ensures proper lubrication to give swimming sperm a helping hand to reach the egg.
  • Enhances Sperm Viability and Motility. Conceive Plus is a superior product developed by specialists in fertility and the human reproductive system. The many unique properties of this product work together to ensure that the fertility lubricant helps the conception process.

Conceive Plus is for all couples, not just those facing fertility issues. Conceive Plus’s unique fertility lubricant formula helps improve the odds of couples struggling to conceive. It also provides physiologically-essential elements for normally fertile couples.

For improved odds of making a dream baby, choose Conceive Plus.

Duo Pack, 1 Month supply, is an excellent addition for any couple who wants to improve fertile conditions.

Order Conceive Plus Duo Pack with essential ions for 30 days of pleasure. 

Conceive Plus 2.5 fl.oz Tube:

Apply a teaspoon size amount prior to intercourse and re-apply as required during. For use by both him and her. Safe for daily use. Conceive Plus Multi-use Tube may be used in conjunction with Conceive Plus Pre-filled Applicators for intra-vaginal application.

Conceive Plus 8x Pre-Filled Applicators:

Remove applicator from box, do not use if tamper evident tab is broken. Hold applicator narrow end facing upwards, twist off the tab and discard. Gently insert the narrow end of the applicator deep into the vagina and squeeze the bulb end 2-3 times to deposit Conceive Plus into the vaginal cavity.

Remove while continuing to squeeze the bulb end and discard. Each applicator is for single use only and cannot be stored after opening or reused. May be applied 10-15 minutes prior to sexual activity to allow moisture to disperse throughout the vagina. Each applicator contains 4 grams of Conceive Plus. We suggest using Conceive Plus multi-use tube if additional moisture is required or use another applicator. Conceive Plus Multi-use Tube may be used in conjunction with Conceive Plus Pre-filled Applicators for intra-vaginal application.