Compeed Callus Plasters - 6 Pack

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COMPEED® Callus Plasters use hydrocolloid technology to soften and help remove the callus, relieving both pressure and pain. The plasters are designed for helping protect vulnerable skin from damage caused by friction aswell as helping to speed up the healing process.

What are Calluses

Calluses are patches of hardened yellow skin, most often found on the heel or the ball of the foot. Calluses are generally larger than corns and less well defined.

How to Treat Calluses

Start by relieving and moisturising the callused skin. Try the COMPEED® Callus Plaster to cushion against pressure, moisturise and provide instant pain relief.


COMPEED® Hydrocolloid Technology is an active gel which improves moisturization. COMPEED® plaster acts like a second skin to support the natural moisture balance, to:

  • Protect and cushion against rubbing and pressure
  • Relieve pain instantly
  • Moisturise and soften the callus, helping its removal
  • Stays in place for over 24 hours (Individual experience may vary)
  • 6 x 4.4 by 4.5cm medium plasters in every pack
  • Works like a second skin for instant pain and pressure relief
  • Repels water, dirt and bacteria
  • Allows the skin to breath
  • Cushion type of plaster, comfortable to wear
  • Discreet and perfect fit plaster 


  1. Soften the skin by soaking feet in warm water and remove any hardened skin with a towel.
  2. Clean and dry skin.
  3. Remove the top paper, then the bottom paper, avoiding touching the adhesive side.
  4. Apply plaster firmly over callus.
  5. Leave in place until it starts to detach. May stay in place for up to several days.
  6. Repeat treatment until skin has completely healed.

INGREDIENTS: Artificial Elastomer, Tackifier Resins, Hydrocolloid Particles (Sodium Carboxymethyl Cellulose), Plasticiser, Polyurethane Film


 4.4 x 4.5cm measurement of Compeed Callus 6 Medium Plasters


  • Keep the medium in cool and dry place
  • - Store pack below 25°C temperature away from children and pets
  • - Protect plasters pack from direct sunlight and heat

Manufactured by Johnson & Johnson