Compeed Blister Small - 6 Pack

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Compeed Blister Small - 6 Pack

Compeed Blister Small Pack contains 6 small plasters. They contain hydrocolloid technology, which is an active gel with moisture absorbing particles, and are designed to act like a second skin to support the natural moisture balance. These plasters relieve blister pain, protect and cushion against rubbing and offer fast wound healing.

*2nd Skin Technology

When shoes rub, causing the first layers of skin to be removed and a blister to form, Compeed acts like a second skin to:

- Protect and cushion from rubbing to relieve blister pain instantly
- Repel water, dirt and germs to prevent infection
- Stay firmly in place for several days, allowing your skin to rapidly repair itself


  • Relieves blister pain instantly
  • Protects and cushions against rubbing
  • Heals fast
  • Stays in place
INGREDIENTS: Artificial Elastomer, Tackifier Resins, Hydrocolloid Particles (Sodium Carboxymethyl Cellulose) Plasticiser, Polyurethane Film.