Chemists Own Epsom Salts 375g

Chemists Own Epsom Salts 375g

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Chemists Own Epsom Salts is a natural wonder in providing relief for sore muscles. Commonly used in a warm bath. Bath relaxation. Easy to dissolve crystals.


    • Made up of magnesium sulfate
    • Promotes full body relaxation
    • Soak your feet or both with this product
    • Can be used to help plants in the garden
    • Epsom Salts have been used by Australian families for decades


    • Sore, tired muscles
    • Bath relaxation


        Dissolve crystals in water

        ARTG: AUST R 363091


        Magnesium Sulfate


        Before use always read the label and follow all manufacturer’s instructions and directions. Consult your health professional if symptoms persist.