Avent Silicone Teat Newborn 2-Pack Natural Healthier Feeding Rhythm Anti-Colic

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Philips Avent Silicone Teat Newborn - 2 Pack

The Avent Silicone Teats enables babies to use their own natural feeding rhythm healthy & easy.

The Philips Avent Classic Teats work with your newborn's own natural feeding rhythm for healthier and easier feeding. Your baby actively controls the milk flow to help reduce colic and over eating.


  • Extra soft silicone teat
  • Built-in valve
  • BPA free
  • Naturally shaped teat promotes proper latch-on
  • Avent Anti-Colic Teat is compatible with Philips Avent Classic+ and Anti-Colic bottles.

Contents: 2 teats

Available types

  • Newborn Flow (0 months +)
  • Slow Flow (1 months +)
  • Medium Flow (3 months +)
  • Fast Flow (6 months +)
  • Vari Flow (3 months +)