Avent 1 Month+ Anti-Colic Slow Flow Teats Silicone Baby Breast Feeding 2 Pack

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Avent 1 Month+ Anti-Colic Slow Flow Teats Silicone Baby Breast Feeding 2 Pack

Silicone Teats work with babys natural feeding rhythm. Unique skirt system and one-way air valve allows air into the bottle, instead of into babys tummy. Natural shape make it easy to transition between breast and bottle.


A baby naturally controls the milk flow. The Airflex Teat works with baby’s natural feeding rhythm. Your baby controls milk flow more like breastfeeding, which can help reduce overeating and spit-up.

A unique skirt system flexes to allow air into the bottle to prevent a vacuum, whilst milk flows at a pace that baby controls to promote healthy, active feeding and reduces colic.

You may hear the Airflex valve quietly working, and this guaranteed that air is going into the bottle, not into baby’s tummy. The naturally shaped teat promotes proper latch-on and makes it easier to combine breast and bottle feeding.


- Clinically proven to reduce colic in the newborn

- Built-in Airflex valve

- Reduces colic

- Extra Soft

- Silicone

- One hole

Tips on choosing the right teat for your baby:

Teats are numbered on the side to indicate flow rate, so choose the AVENT Teat based on the number to select the right flow rate for your baby.

Slow Flow 1M + 2 holes

- Suitable for 1 month plus and breast fed babies

Medium Flow 3M + 3 holes

- Ideal for bottle-fed babies at 3 months of age and up.

Variable Flow 3M + Variable

- Slot Cut provides an extra fast flow and accommodates thicker liquids. Flow rate can be varied by turning the bottle to align the I, II or III markings on the nipple with the baby's nose.

Fast Flow 6M + 4 holes

- Offers a faster flow for older babies of age 6 months and above


This teat should only be used with Philips Avent Classic+ and Anti-colic bottles.