6 x Tena Comfortable Absorbent Standard Length Liner - 30 Liners - Bulk 180

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6 x Tena Liner Standard Length 30 Liners, comparable to a regular period liner in size but specifically designed to manage small bladder leakage associated with a cough, laugh or sneeze. They’re also ideal for the gym, running or other high impact sports which can trigger leaks.

Designed with BodyShape™ fit for better security and breathable fabric for comfort, these liners also have Fresh Odour Control™ that prevents odours from developing.

  • Very light stress incontinence – just a few drops
  • Just in case’ when sneezing, laughing or coughing
  • Sport and high impact exercise

  • Light bladder weakness during or following pregnancy


  • Fresh Odour Control helps prevent unwanted odour

    TENA Liners and Pads have Fresh Odour Control. Micro-fresh pearl design reduces growth of ammonia producing bacteria, which in turn reduces odour. This product offers discretion while providing comfort and dignity.

  • Dry Fast Core to keep you feeling protected

    A Dry Fast Core offers protection against unexpected leaks.

  • Body shaped fit

    Body shaped fit that contours to your body for flexibility.

  • Individually wrapped for convenience

    Individually wrapped products provide convenient, discreet portability.

  • Adhesive strip for security and comfort

    Adhesive strip for secure fixation in ordinary underwear promotes a sense of dignity and comfort.


  • Fiber material made of polypropene/polyethylene polyester/viscose. 
  • Porous material consisting of wood fiber or polyester fiber.
  • Paper pulp, a combination of paper pulp and superabsorbents for pads and panty liners. A porous paper-based material is used in some products.
  • The adhesive consists of various polymers and synthetic resins.
  • Polyethylene film. A fiber material is used in some panty liners.
  • Polymere materials.
  • Perfume 
  • Ink
  • Silicone coated paper.
  • Polyethylene film, which is silicone coated in some products.  
  • Polyethylene bags or box.


Please see item box for instructions and warnings.


Please see item box for instructions and warnings.