2 x TePe Good Compact Soft Toothbrush - Made from Sugar Cane

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2 x TePe Good Compact Soft Toothbrush soft toothbrush is part of the unique TePe Good range made from bio-based plastic – without compromising on product quality, efficiency or design.

TePe Good Compact is suitable for both children and adults who prefer a smaller brush head. The tapered brush head improves access and the end-rounded filaments ensure gentle cleaning.


      • Made from 96% bio-based plastic.
      • Tapered brush head for easy access.
      • End-rounded filaments for gentle and efficient cleaning.
      • Neck can be angled for easier reach.
      • Available in 6 different colours.

      Why Is This Better For The Environment

      Unlike fossil fuels, bio-based polyethylene (green plastic) made from sugar cane is renewable up to 96%. This means that sugar cane can be regrown within a year and be used to produce new bio-plastic.

      Bio-based polyethylene also has a 95% carbon dioxide neutral footprint. This means that there is an almost negligible impact on greenhouse gas emissions.

      Tepe Good Toothbrush Is Made From

      Handle – bio-based polyethylene (based on sugar cane) which has a renewable content of 96%

      Filaments – bio-based polyamide (based on castor oil or ricinoil) from 100% renewable sources

      The Tepe Good Packaging Is Made From

      Blister pack - 70% recycled PET which has approx. 60% lower CO₂ emissions

      Backing card - from FSC approved cardboard.

      Both can be widely recycled in the UK.