Wartfree Wart Removal Pen 1.5ml

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Wartfree Wart Remove Pen, fast, effective, precise and targeted treatment for common warts and verrucas on the hands and feet. The precision pen tip makes applying the gel from the pen easy. The gel is highly corrosive and induces peeling of infected skin causing the removal of the thicken skin of the wart and the causative virus. 


  • Visible results in 1 week
  • Less painful than freezing treatments


  • Wartfree can be used by adults and children from 4 years old. It is recommended that adults apply the gel to children. For children, it is recommended to change the dosing schedule to 1 application per day depending on the size of the wart.
  • Remove the safety cap by aligning the two small arrows on the cap of the pen
  • Activate the internal cartridge by 6 7 full turns of the dial at the rear of the pen
  • Once Gel starts to flow into the nozzle, only turn dial slowly, one click at a time
  • When a drop of Gel same size as the wart being treated appears, simply place on the wart
  • Allowing 3-4 minutes for the gel to dry
  • Replace the cap clicking it closed to prevent the Gel crystalizing in the nozzle
  • Once dry you can cover the wart if it is in a position that will contact food or rub on surfaces 

INGREDIENT: Trichloroacetic Acid or TCA Active in a gel format (cabapol, aqua) at 40 potency


Do not use Wartfree: 

  • If you are hypersensitive to one of the ingredients
  • If the wart is located on an area other than the hand or foot
  • If you have any doubt that the condition is a wart
  • On skin tags
  • On moles
  • On dark patches of skin
  • On freckles
  • On water warts (mollusca contagiosa), seborrheic keratosis (verruca seborrhoica) or skin exfoliation
  • In case you are still uncertain whether you have a wart or not, consult your general practitioner 

Caution is needed when using Wartfree:

  • The Wartfree Pen contains a highly effective but corrosive acid. Do not apply the gel on other body parts and healthy skin except hands or feet
  • If the gel makes contact with healthy skin, clean the area immediately with lots of soap and water.
  • You may apply an ointment such as vaseline on the surrounding healthy skin in order to protect it while applying the gel
  • If used for the first time, it is recommended to use the treatment gel first on one wart before treating multiple warts.
  • Do not apply the gel on bleeding, irritated, inflamed skin or skin showing any sign of inflammation, such as itching or swelling.
  • Do not expose the treated area to sunlight until the skin has returned to normal. This may take 4 to 6 weeks. Skin hyper- or hypo-pigmentation may occur because of sunlight exposure.
  • Do not touch or pick the treated skin, because a wart is contagious. Do not peel off the scab as it needs to fall off by itself.
  • Avoid contact with eyes and mucosal membranes. In case of accidental contact with eyes or mucosal membranes, rinse with continuously running water and seek medical assistance immediately.
  • To maintain personal hygiene the Wartfree Pen should only be used by a single user and discarded after the completion of treatment.
  • Avoid contact with clothes, jewellery, fabrics or furniture, as it may damage them.
  • After use, there may be small residues of treatment gel left in the cap, therefore, caution is recommended when closing and re-opening the cap.
  • Consult your general practitioner if:
    • The wart has not disappeared after 4 treatment periods (4 weeks)
    • You experience irritation, redness or pain.
  • Do not use Wartfree with other wart treatments.
  • It is recommended to consult your general practitioner before using Wartfree during pregnancy or breastfeeding, if you are diabetic, have poor blood circulation or skin diseases 
  • Storage Instructions
  • Keep Wartfree pen in the original packaging at room temperature(15-25°C).