RestoraNail 15ml

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RestoraNail is a unique and patented polymer formulation (Poly-ureaurethane 16% in organic solvents, 15mL) which covers and protects the affected nails. And unlike other fungal nail treatments it contains no pharmaceutical agents and therefore is not absorbed into the body.


  • Only product with indications for both nail dystrophy (damaged, discoloured or disfigured) and nail fungus
  • Water resistant, yet breathable.
  • No Pharmaceutical agents - No Drug/Drug interaction as product is not absorbed into the body.
  • Easy and convenient to use - once-a-day treatment
  • No filing - no mess - no fuss.
  • Proven effectiveness
  • Protects the nail, improves appearance and treats fungal nail.


  • Apply in even strokes to the entire nail plate, including the skin up underneath the back of the nail, to ensure a water-tight seal.
  • Allow the product to dry completely before applying clothing (otherwise material fibres will stick to your nail).
  • Apply only a little solution (one dip will do ten nails).
  • One bottle lasts approximately 2 – 3 months for daily use on 1 – 10 fingernails or toenails.

INGREDIENT: Poly-ureaurethane 16% in organic solvents.


  • Always read the label. Use only as directed.
  • If symptoms persist consult your healthcare professional.
  • May temporarily sting upon application.
  • Should redness or other signs of irritation appear, discontinue use and consult your healthcare provider.
  • Use of other products, ointments, creams or lotions before application of this product may prevent the film from forming correctly and reduce effectiveness.