Allersearch Breath-Alert Peak Flow Metres

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Allersearch Breath-Alert Peak Flow Metres helps measure changes in the airways and often forms part of an asthma action plan developed between a patient and their GP. The Breath-Alert Peak Flow Meter may assist your GP in diagnosis, help identify triggers and flare-ups, or monitor the response to a new treatment.

For measuring peak expiratory flow from the lungs. 


  • Provides an easy and accurate way to measure asthma symptoms
  • Available in Standard and Low range format
  • All units individually tested for accuracy
  • Re-usable mouthpiece
  • Daily recording card and colour-coded indicator labels
  • For the measurement of airway performance
  • Exceptional quality and individually tested for proven reliability
  • Meets all Australian and New Zealand standards for accuracy, repeatability and reliability
  • Easy to use


  • Standard range: 50-800 Litres/Min (children over 12 years of age and adults)
  • Low range: 0-350 Litres/Min (elderly or adults with severe airway limitations)
  • Meets Australian and New Zealand standards
  • Single patient use 


To be used as directed by your doctor.


• For adults and children of all ages
• 2 sizes available
• For people with severe airway limitations
• For people with daily or weekly asthma symptoms
• For sports people with asthma
• Recording the effect on your lungs when your doctor changes your medication